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What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid has been the top ingredient listed in many emerging skincare products, everything from serums to facial oils, and even our SkinGlow Bundle - which contains three facial oils - all of which contain hyaluronic acid! So what's the real truth with this highly coveted ingredient? Is it truly everything it boasts to be? Or it is just an extra ingredient to add to the list of things we can't pronounce? Let's find out! HA - also known as hyaluronic acid, is actually naturally produced within the body. It's a clear gooey substance who's main function is to retain water to keep tissu...

Put Your Best Face On Screen

Because working and dating from home doesn't always have to be messy! Try these minimal skincare tips for maximum results! 

Game Changer: Soap Brows

In many women's eyebrow routine, the products used are all pretty much the same:  1. Eyebrow Pencil to stencil your desired shape 2. Brow Pomade or Powder to fill in any sparse areas  3. Brow Gel to tame any potential flyaways and lay hairs down But let's try a new method here; instead of our tried and true brow gel, let's use soap. Yes, soap! You'll need a mist of sorts to activate the soap as well as a soft spoolie to stick the hairs into place, much like you would with a gel. It's a great trick to achieve that brow lamination look, without actually having to commit to an additional trip ...

Must-Try Trending Eyeliner Looks

Consider your eyeliner your cosmetic paintbrush; one brush stroke can be the difference between smoldering and sexy or bold and graphic. Our Dual Stamp Wingliner is the ultimate product for creating a multitude of looks. No matter what your vibe is, use our Dual Stamp Wingliner for endless possibilities. The Classic Winged-Liner  This Look is super flattering and always in style. It's called a classic for a reason! Stamp on your wings on the outer corners of your eyes and simply flip the liner to draw a solid line, connecting the wings. Go as thin or as thick as you wish! The Graphic ...

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